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Upcoming Litters:

We are now accepting applications and deposits for our puppies that will be available March 2024.

Watch our Q13 News interview about how Coltrievers help children with autism.

The Coltriever: Part Golden Retriever, Part Border Collie and the Perfect Service Dog
Crooked Rooster Farm

The Coltriever: Part Golden Retriever, Part Border Collie and the Perfect Service Dog

Coltriever Love Stories

I had been working at a boarding facility where I met this majestic smaller Golden Retriever mix. I fell in love with her, Queenie. I had to know what she was, where she was from, and how I could get one. I was told she was a Crooked Rooster Coltriever. 

Years later, when I was finally ready to get a dog, I was going through breeds and trying to determine which one would best fit my lifestyle and my temperament. Then, I remembered Crooked Rooster! I looked it up, contacted Holly and heard back within a couple hours. We talked on the phone for over an hour and a half. I fell in love with what Coltriever stood for and where they came from instantly. We set up a time to come tour the farm, and meet the puppies. We were placed in a pen with all the little all black Coltriever angels, and immediately saw Baloo. We knew he was the one. Baloo was the most perfect little squishy guy I had ever met. We chose him and have never looked back. He has changed our life for the better and has been the most amazing buddy we could have asked for. 

*Enters Tibbs*

We always thought Baloo would love having a sibling. He loves other dogs so much, and so we contacted Holly to see if she had any litters available. She did! We went to meet them, and fell in love instantly with Tibbs, just like Baloo. Holly talked us through our meet and greet with the boys and what we should look for in how they interact. Holly is always very knowledgeable about her puppies and it makes you feel very safe about making this big of a life decision. I am now obsessed with our two Coltrievers, and am excited to have them apart of our life forever!

Baloo & Tibbs

Seattle, WA

Love Stories


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