Crooked Rooster Farm

Holly Kohls



Owned by the Kohls family in Snohomish, WA. We are passionate about our Coltrievers and what they have to offer this world. 

Come visit the farm, or contact if you're interested in owning a Coltriever of your own!

What is a Coltriever?

The Coltriever is a hybrid/designer dog resulting from the combination of quality adults. A Coltriever comes from crossing a Border Collie with a Golden Retriever. Some will call this amazing breed a Designer dog and some will call them mutts; whatever you call them is up to you. 


When you get to know this breed and talk to the families who know and love them,  you will be struck with their versatility, brains, stamina, beauty and compassion. They also have an uncanny ability to think and problem solve independently making them a valuable companion, competitor, or service dog. These delightful dogs resemble Flat coat retrievers in color, coat, and size. They are often mistaken for Flat coats. 


The Coltriever will have a Golden Retriever shaped head and muzzle.  They are almost always black with white points.  Every once in a while we will get a gold colored pup. They have a double coat that can stand harsher climates and water. They can be a muddy mess and when they dry off and shake the dried dirt off, they look slick and shiny again. Coltrievers will blow their coats in the spring and in the fall. They rest of the year they shed about the same amount that a Border Collie does. 


These adorable little balls of joy have been gently home-raised in a clean environment with parents on site.

So you want a Coltriever?

They do require lots of time, consistency and attention when they are puppies.  They need exercise and firm boundaries. If your boundaries are not clear or you are a push over and not the one in charge, you will have trouble fast.  They are too smart for you to be lazy in your time, training and attention. It will get them into trouble or cause trouble because they are bored and will become insecure if they do not know who is in charge.

All puppies have their dew claws intact to give them better grip in service dog jobs they are trained for. They have been de-wormed and have received their 1st immunizations. For your convenience, they have been trained to eliminate on wood shavings. This way, you can put a handful of these shavings in the area in your yard you want them to “do their business in and they will go to that spot. They come with a written health guarantee and a welcome home gift bag.

We take responsibility for every puppy. We will take them back at any age for any reason and re-home them. Our commitment is to never have one of our Coltriever’s in an animal shelter. It is unthinkable that one of these beautiful dogs would be put down because they were unwanted. Crooked Rooster Farm is one of the only places in Washington State that is breeding Coltreiver Puppies & we would like to invite you to take a look around the site, ask questions, leave comments and perhaps even share some of your stories if you live with a Coltriever too.

The Coltriever is bred for temperament and health. 


They are delightfully playful, yet love to snuggle with you. The Coltriever is good natured, easy going and very happy. They make wonderful companions for families or singles and they adore children. The Coltriever isn’t yippy and loves to travel. 


When fully grown, our Coltrievers are about the size of a small to medium Golden Retriever. Females are 35-50 pounds and males 45-60 pounds. They are intelligent and easy to train. Most of our clients report their pups catching on the to basics of potty training after just 3 days! The Coltriever doesn’t have the typical high-strung temperament that normally comes with a Border Collie. Our clients often tell us they are most like Golden Retrievers in temperament and disposition. They’re a big minded dog in a smart, low maintenance package.