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Check out our full story below and how our dogs are making an impact in communities nationwide and around the world.

Meet the Breeder

Holly Kohls

Holly is a dedicated breeder and business owner, known for her passion and expertise in raising healthy and well-adapted puppies.

As a wife and mother of three, Holly embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by starting her business from the humble roots of her own home. Over the years, she has invested countless hours into researching and developing the best practices for breeding puppies that exceed the typical industry standards and practices. Holly's commitment to her clients goes beyond providing them with a furry companion. She has taken on the role of a trusted counselor and mentor, offering guidance and support throughout the entire adoption process. Many aspiring breeders and dog owners have benefited from Holly's extensive knowledge and guidance. Notably, Holly holds the distinction of being the first licensed breeder and licensed kennel to successfully breed Coltrievers, a hybrid dog breed known for its intelligence and loyalty. One can often find Holly spending countless hours with her dogs and puppies, nurturing their physical and emotional well-being. She believes that a strong foundation in the early stages of life is crucial for a dog's long-term happiness. By dedicating her time and expertise to raising resilient and well-rounded puppies, Holly and the CRF team ensures that each one is ready to find their forever home and become a cherished member of a loving family.

Breeder Photo - Holly Kohls
CRF Barn Illustration

Since 1986

For over three decades, we have watched our small family farm grow and develop into so much more than just a business. Since 1986 we have worked with hundreds of families to find them the perfect puppy match, all the while staying true to our commitment of excellence and true to our small, family-owned business roots. Our namesake, the infamous crooked rooster weathervane that sits atop our green barn, can still be found on our property to this day!  Our goal is not simply to be excellent in our field of breeding and raising healthy, thriving puppies, but to offer connection, education, and lasting impact for the people that welcome these dogs into their homes. We have witnessed and heard hundreds if not thousands of stories of how our dogs have enriched and transformed our clients’ lives, and we could not be more grateful to play such a significant role.

how our dogs are making a difference

Around 70% of our Coltrievers go into a variety of service, therapy, and rescue roles. We are honored to have our dogs play such an impactful role in the lives of their families and communities.

Therapy & Support Dogs

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Medical & Service Dogs

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Search and Rescue & Public Service

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Autism & ADHD Support

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