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We get asked questions everyday about our favorite brand of dog food, what we recommend for supplements and treats, and even the what we think are the best toys for our dogs. Check out the links below to see our favorites!



Check back soon for updates! Until then, take a look at our custom leather leashes and collars! 


Custom Leashes & Collars

Made by local craftsman exclusively for Crooked Rooster Farm, these custom-made, high-grade leather leashes and collars are a tool all dog owners should have! The butter-soft material is soaked with natural oils and has a finishing coating of pure neatsfoot oil and beeswax conditioner, making them and their brass fittings water resistant and extremely durable.

Custom Collars

These custom made collars boast of butter-soft leather that won’t irritate your dogs skin while offering owners a beautiful, high-grade look. They are compatible for all dog sizes and ages, and feature braided ‘knots’ for extra durablity and functionality. The brass finishes are rust resistant, making them suitable for all climates and extending the life of your collar.

Prices start at $45

Customizations available

Color options: Blue Cobalt, Coffee Brown, Chestnut, Rustic Black

(In order as shown on first photo)

Custom Leashes

This two-part leash set is capable of creating seven plus crossbody and handheld configurations. It is adjustable for any body type and is compatible for all dog sizes; it can even handle two dogs on the same leash! Each leash features 2 sets of braided ‘knots’ at the tension points. The knots help deters puppies from chewing during training, offers extra support for dogs that tend to pull and makes the leash extra durable and functional.

Prices start at $150

Customizations available

Color options: Mahogany, Blue Cobalt, Chestnut, Coffee Brown

(In order as shown on first photo)



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