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CRF Hybrid Smart Leash

“Next Generation Universal Dog Walking Leashes”


Why Are Our Leashes Unique?

Holly sells a custom-made high-grade leather cross body/regular leash set that is fabulous. The system contains both a long and short leash. Made by local craftsman exclusively for us, all brass fittings and all snaps are swivel snaps, the chrome XL leather is butter soft, and has seven plus different configurations in the two-part leash. It is water resistant, soft and supple, and won't burn your hand if a dog pulls. They are soaked with natural oils and have a coating of pure neatsfoot oil and beeswax conditioner on the finished product. She has been trying to develop a good leash system over the years, with many trial and error versions. Holly took the best of the service, therapy, and  law enforcement crossbody leashes to create a unique and one of a kind leash system. The leashes are 100% guaranteed. If you have any problems with them, let us know to fix. She doesn’t mark the cost up much, because she’d rather see good tools in the hands of her clients.

A Universal Design

For people, it is made to be adjustable for any body type. Male, female, tall, short. For dogs, it is also compatible for all dog sizes, puppy to adult. ​We use brass so it will not rust or corrode. The brass is very heavy duty.​ Each leash has 2 braiding(blood knots), closest to the dogs head. This deters puppies from chewing on the leash during training, makes the leash durable/functionable, and gives beauty.​ You can walk 2 dogs at once on the same leash, and the leash is convertible to be short, medium length, and long. Along with a handle for the owner to hold while walking the dog.

Pricing & Color Options

Price Starting At $150

Cobalt Blue
Coffee Brown

Pricing & Color Options

Price Starting At $45

Cobalt Blue
Rustic Black
Coffee Brown


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